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Success Stories

Company 1:

Americans love wooden furniture and doors. Company 1 was making readymade wooden doors using sturdy and durable materials. They could also produce customized doors, depending on requests from customers. When they contacted American Exports, they had already been in business for 28 years, but were struggling to expand their operations. They needed professional help

American Exports shattered Company 1’s expectations, helping them acquire business partners from around the world and develop a new market for wooden products. Simply by adding the profile of Company 1 to their Export Promotion Magazine and website, American Exports allowed the company to attract the attention of international clients. Since then, Company 1’s exports’ revenues are steadily increasing and are well on their way to equal those of domestic sales


Company 2:

Company 2 makes quality steam generators for both commercial and residential use. These engines were first made as part of larger, turn-key projects of the organization, but eventually began being sold separately, with many spas and saunas ordering them. Company 2 had been in business for 30 years when they contacted American Exports. They understood that bringing their product to the international market wouldn’t be easy

American Exports made it possible for Company 2 to expand beyond American borders. American Exports already had in place a solid database of foreign importers in many developed and developing countries around the world. After promoting Company 2 in various markets, potential clients and foreign companies began expressing interest. Since then, Company 3’s sales have tripled in volume!


Company 3:

Company 3 started as a small operation, making only organic food. They wanted to expand their business to encourage consumers to eat better, but faced many challenges when they tried to do so. Their products were more expensive than their non-organic counterparts, and many businesses preferred to sell less costly items. Through trial and error, they discovered that many branded and international companies might be interested in purchasing and distributing their products. They contacted American Exports for help, hoping to expand their international operations at a low cost

American Exports was able to strengthen Company 3’s client base by publishing a Business Profile of the company in our website and Magazine, and recommending it to other well-known organizations. Even though Company 3 was still a fairly young company, they began securing important new business connections thanks to the help of a few American Exports associates. Many opportunities with other international organizations followed. Now, Company 3 has a steady client base, including food and beverage organizations all over the world


Company 4:

Company 4’s owner didn’t even want to start a business at first! He was an instructor in a fitness center who had become, over the course of his career, knowledgeable about food, consumption habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He started a small business as a health and fitness consultant, which quickly became more successful than he had anticipated. Eventually, he began to wonder if he could expand his business to other countries and an international audience

Company 4 approached American Exports at first for professional advice. As a relatively new business, it had no budget set aside for marketing, so it agreed to pay American Exports for its services in small monthly instalments. Through American Exports, Company 4 was able to secure deals with many foreign companies and numerous health organizations. Now, years later, the company is still successful. It appoints new international representatives and hires new employees on an almost daily basis


Company 5:

Company 5 used to be just a small manufacturer of kitchen utensils and equipment. They started doing business on a small scale, and faced many problems in the first few years related to their lack of business expertise. Moreover, they couldn’t secure adequate funding for their operations, so they had to take out a loan from a bank and use it, along with their lifetime savings, to jumpstart their business. Their risky gamble paid off. They now have over 200 employees and are selling their products to well-know restaurants and bakeries. However, getting the company established in the international marketplace proved more difficult than anticipated

Company 5 decided to hire American Exports to expand their international business. “Turns out it was the right decision,” the CEO said. Now, Company 5 has a wide range of clients in five different countries, and the company is still expanding. Their product range has expanded to include refrigerators and other electronic items. Some of Company 5’s products are now manufactured overseas as part of a joint venture, but American Exports can help this company market its products, as Americans own a majority of the company’s shares. American Exports helped Company 5 enter new markets and get in touch with new potential clients. “Hiring American Exports helped us get the recognition our products deserve!”


Company 6:

Company 6 was had been operating as a local company for decades. The company was manufacturing clothes domestically and overseas, and since their line of clothing was centered around furs, they wanted to increase their sales in countries with cold climates. Company 6 contacted American Exports for help and advice on those markets. For years now, American Exports has been helping Company 6 penetrate those markets and their sales and marketshare have been steadily growing

American Exports put together a personalized strategy to help Company 6 reach its objectives. Moreover, through our website and Magazine, Company 6 has been getting multiple leads and will no doubt be partnering with American Exports for a long time


Company 7:

Before starting Company 7, the owner was a hair and makeup artist for movie studios. She excelled at taking care of skin problems that came with excessive use of cosmetics. Since skincare products were expensive, she decided to create her own brand of products rather than relying on mass-market solutions. With her best friend, she started her own brand of bathing and body care products. Since she already had a client base, her business flourished quickly. When she decided to expand to foreign markets, she realized that she wasn't sure how to do that, and didn’t have much budget. She contacted American Exports

American Exports gave Company 6 the opportunity to enter new markets. Company 6’s products were relatively cheaper compared to those of major brands and they had the necessary approvals and certificates. However, Company 6 didn’t have the budget to participate in major trade shows, and they weren’t which shows would be more suitable for them. American Exports recommended the right path for this company and helped them reach agreements with several distributors in multiple countries. When it comes to helping a small exporter, American Exports is more than willing to develop a customized solution for a company based on its needs and budgets


Company 8:

Safety and Security are important issues around the world around. Company 8 was trying to determine how different markets would react to the safety and security products the company had to offer. Company 8 wanted to reach out to new potential customers in the most affordable way possible, so the final product would still be affordable for the end user, an average home owner

Company 8 American Exports as a platform to showcase their products worldwide, an investment that has paid off. The company received plenty of inquiries, response, leads and proposals from all over the world. Not only did the company increase its market presence, but it also gained an invaluable amount of data. “This was like conducting market research in many different markets at once, and getting feedback directly from end users. We discovered everything we needed to know: packaging, specs, delivery, prices, competitors, payment terms and so much more. All this was achieved at a single fee, which was less than placing an ad in a local newspaper.”


Company 9:

Company 9 specialized in developing and manufacturing new solutions through the use of a new polymer. The company wanted to identify new markets for their products and needed to secure worldwide advertising in order to generate demand and potential customers for their products

American Exports offered the platform that Company 9 was looking for. The company could reach new markets and determine exactly where the demand was internationally. The company’s specialization in thermoforming through use of cellular foam and plastic made its international market more difficult to identify. Nonetheless, American Exports applied all its expertise into helping Company 9 develop new markets, increase market presence and responding to new demand


Company 10:

Company 10, a manufacturer of natural beauty products, hired American Exports to identify its international markets and to help it overcome the language and communication barriers that can arise when interacting with international business partners

American Exports has agreements in place with many export-related partners and service providers who extend special rates and discounts to our clients to help them overcome these types of challenges. Through its partners, American Exports quickly matched Company 10 with the service providers it needed, which solved many problems. Not only did Company 10 saved time and money by using these service providers, but the initial consultation with American Exports was free of charge! American Exports’ expertise and years of experience allow it to deliver satisfactory results every time. We guarantee it!


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