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DNI Web Design
Web Design & Web Development
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DNI Web Design in the early years was founded DI Homepages Ltd. by Dawson Irvine; however we were just starting out and we needed a foot hold in the industry. In late 1999 DI Homepages Ltd. became known as INGEN Web Design and in May of 2000 we signed up our first client Prall Trucking Ltd. We developed a website that satisfied his needs and they were pleased with our work. Still needing a bigger foothold, in December 2000, with the help of a great aunt, the name of DNI Web Design came to light when she gave the CEO a sweater with a logo on it (as she worked at an advertising company), and the name and logo stuck. In 2004, the trademark of DNI Web Design took on the 3D look it has today.

In the fall of 2001, we got one of the biggest clients we currently have, the Tri-Town Thunder from Carrot River. Still in school Dawson was approached by team executive (who happened to be his english teacher and his principle at the time) to create a website for the team. This project lead to two later clients, the North Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (2002) and the Big River Timberkings (2005).

In February of 2004, Dawson meet Jay Semko of the Northern Pikes at the Artful Dodger, where he went to see them play. Being a devoted fan who created a website about the Northern Pikes this help us get Jay Semko to allow us to help maintain his site, with a possible re-design of the site in the future. In April 2004 we got one of our largest clients to date, the Nipawin/Diamond North Credit Union. We sent in a proposal when we learned the current staff and executive were unpleased with their current web site and designer. We then meet with some of the personnel in charge of the website and it's content and created a design to meet their needs. We used the colours they wanted and did exactly what they want and so they were very pleased with our work.

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Dawson Irvine
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 895
Saskatchewan S0E 0L0

Tel: (306) 768-3020
Fax: (306) 768-3027

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