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fSONA Networks Corp
Free space optics technology
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 Intelligent innovation is at the core of fSONA's corporate mission. At our research and development headquarters in Richmond, BC we continue to push the boundaries of free space optics technology to develop the next generation of short-haul broadband communications solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. 

fSONA has assembled a superlative laser communications team, whose depth and breadth of knowledge is unrivalled in the private sector. Most of our senior engineering and management personnel have backgrounds in space-based and military optical communications systems, where extremely high reliability is an essential element of the overall product specification. This background is the foundation of our fundamental design philosophy, which places a strong emphasis on superior product reliability and quality, supported by a world-class engineering and manufacturing capability. 
fSONA has brought together a team of wireless, communications and optics industry experts that includes some of the world's leading laser communications professionals. Our experts chair or sit on many boards, including SPIE Free Space Laser Communication Technologies, the Free Space Optics Alliance and the IEC international laser safety standards committee. Our team collectively holds eight patents, with two more applications underway. 
This outstanding design and engineering capability is backed up by a global commitment to customer service. Whether you plan to build an entire mesh network or simply connect two locations, our network of partners and affiliates stand ready to tailor connectivity solutions for you - anywhere in the world. We offer complete on-site training, installation and service, ensuring immediate attention to your pressing networking needs.

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Mailing Address:
100-13200 Delf Place
British Columbia V6V 2A2

Tel: (604) 273-6333
Fax: (604) 273-6351

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