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ID Fusion Software
Solutions that take you beyond the curve.
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 Our approach to software development sets us apart from most other technology companies. We don’t just build isolated systems for individual issues. Instead, we take a look at every aspect of what our clients need, examining existing systems and learning as much as we can about their current - and even future - problems. Then we build a solution that works seamlessly within its environment and provides a great user experience.

We deliver world class solutions from a small city at the centre of North America - and we always want to do better work. We give our employees the resources they need to master their craft, and opportunities to really put that knowledge and experience to work. We want our employees to understand how their work fits into a larger picture - and these things together provide tremendous advantages to both our employees and our clients.
We are an Aboriginal / Metis company, and that identity is important to us. Giving back to our community is important to us, and over the years we’ve contributed to - and helped to build and grow - many programs and opportunities for Aboriginal youth in Manitoba who are interested in pursuing careers in IT.
We’re not just software developers. We understand how our work and our expertise can fit into the larger picture of how - and why - our clients run their businesses. And our solutions reflect that deep understanding by delivering well-rounded and totally customized systems that are as flexible and intuitive as our clients need them to be.

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Christian Dandeneau
Mailing Address:
401 Provencher Blvd
Manitoba R2H 0G9

Tel: (204) 237-6147
Fax: (204) 231-4942

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