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IDG Technologies Inc.
Making the Internet Work for Publishers
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 The Internet not only has changed the way in which your subscribers get their information, it has changed their attitude towards the way in which they wish to communicate with you regarding their subscriptions.

In the age of instant communication and information overload, many publishers are finding that the response rates to traditional subscription drives and renewal efforts are declining. Readers have less time to respond to direct mail solicitations, which are in danger of being dismissed as junk mail.
webCirc is a proven, multi-lingual capable and truly Internet-based subscription management system. It provides your subscribers with password protected real-time access to their subscription information for purposes of renewals, new subscription requests or address changes, on-line and in real-time, thereby greatly increasing customer satisfaction and your circulation staff's productivity.
More importantly, it allows you the publisher, to increase response levels and reduce the ever-increasing costs associated with subscription renewal and acquisition by tens of thousands of dollars per year or more! 

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Paul Plesman
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64 Grey Alder Ave
Ontario L4B 3R4

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