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Augusta Industries Inc. (AAO)
Fiber optic sensors& Related monitoring instrument
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Augusta Industries Inc. (AAO) is engaged in the development, design, manufacture and supply of systems using fiber optic sensors, related monitoring instruments, and software. Clients either buy systems and operate them, or FOX-TEK handles the installation and reporting of information on an outsourcing basis. For either choice, FOX-TEK provides support engineering services related to planning, training, on-site installation, and data interpretation and reporting.

FOX-TEK fiber-optic FT systems consist of sensors, monitor units, and software. Sensors are non-intrusive, permanently bonded or embedded, and require no calibration after set-up. FOX-TEK’s newest technology, called PinPoint, allows for corrosion monitoring of isolated pit formation and growth using a non-permanent modular design based on electrical resistance measurements. Regardless of the technology selected for the application, monitoring locations may be placed in convenient locations hundreds of feet away from the sensors. Software operates in continuous or scheduled reporting modes.

Clients purchase and operate systems, or else outsource any degree of support to FOX-TEK. Our systems add significant value to existing strategies such as ILI, direct assessment, reliability-based maintenance, structural health monitoring, or scheduled maintenance.

Our team possesses many years of experience of engineering, field and plant installation and operations. Please explore our web site, and then contact us with questions and requirements.

Contact Information

Allen Lone - CEO
Mailing Address:
151 Randall Street, Suite 101
Oakville, ON L6J 1P5

Tel: +1 (905) 275-8111

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