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Abletech Solutions Inc.
Bringing you the assistive technology
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AbleTech Solutions Inc. is a registered ADP vendor. Our team of computer and network specialists will provide you with excellent customer service, and the technology to help you lead a more independent life!

We offer a variety of assistive technologies, such as visual and communication aids, for people effected by vision loss and/or physical limitations. Such technologies can provide help in your professional life and everyday activities.
It is essential for our company to provide you with a stable, powerful, and easy-to-use computer systems to make sure that any assistive devices work seamlessly with the applications you need to operate on regular basis.

Adaptive equipment is not the only thing we offer. AbleTech Solutions prides itself on impeccable customer service; we follow up with technical support covering your five years of ADP eligibility to ensure the increased independence of our customers. Our Microsoft Certified Professional specialists always set up your system hassle free. We will make your technology work for you!

Contact Information

David Huang
Mailing Address:
792 Eglinton Ave. East
ON M4G 2L1, Canada

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