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LAE Technologies Inc.
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 LAE TECHNOLOGIES is a rapid prototyping & product development company specializing in leading technologies,worldwide development capabilities & reliable service. We develop defaultized solutions that help businesses reducetheir time-to-market.

LAE Technologies is rapid prototyping and product development company. Our focus is to partner with companies through every stage of product development and manufacturing. Specializing in leading technologies, worldwide development capabilities and reliable service, we develop customized solutions that help businesses reduce their time-to-market. Rapid Prototyping SLS SLA RTV CNC Machining Tooling and Injection Molding Engineering Services

Contact Information

Ryann MacIntyre
Mailing Address:
11-145 Welham Rd
Ontario L4N 8Y3

Tel: (705) 728-7000
Fax: (705) 728-3594

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