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Momentum Technologies Inc
Your experts in Oracle and Java Solutions
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MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES’ mission is to provide top-notch consulting services that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Our focus is Oracle and Java. Making the most of our team’s experience and providing for their ongoing professional development means we can offer our clients truly state-of-the-art IT solutions.

Our mission is guided by the core values that underpin the relationship of mutual respect and trust we build with every one of our clients. MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES’ core values are expertise, respect, quality, professionalism, and team spirit.

MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES’ quality management system is a set of business best practices designed to constantly improve the quality of service we offer our clients. Every assignment we undertake includes quality assurance plans, client satisfaction evaluation, and regular client follow-up at key junctures to ensure that we immediately identify potential problems and implement appropriate solutions.

MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES is exclusively licensed to provide and integrate MANITOU PSA (Professional Services Automation) solutions. MANITOU® automates and streamlines business operations for enhanced productivity and quality management.

MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES started in 2003 as a result of a grouping of Oracle technology experts. They combined their expertise with the five (5) founders who were already knowledgeable and renowned in the area of Oracle and Java technologies.

In 2008, MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES expended its reach by opening an office in Montreal, answering an increasing demand for growth of Oracle and Java technology experts.

Contact Information

Michel Ganache
Mailing Address:
412-825 Lebourgneuf Blvd
Quebec G2J 0B9

Tel: (418) 681-6363
Fax: (418) 681-7720

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