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NLP Technologies inc.
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Based on the academic study and research project of Dr. Atefeh Farzindar, the company was established in February 2005 by Dr. Farzindar and Massoud Hosseiny, a graduate of the École Polytechnique of Montreal.

Through the use of its patent-pending technologies of intelligent summarization and translation, NLP Technologies is now providing primary-source legal information to judges, lawyers, educators and other professionals in a timely and comprehensive manner. By focusing on specific areas of law such as Immigration, Intellectual Property, and Taxation, NLP supplies easy access to case law through weekly bulletins, and specially-adapted search solutions, as well as government statistics, and a virtual library of provincial and federal legislation, international instruments, manuals, forms etc. NLP’s platform for presentation of these materials is unique and user-friendly. NLP Technologies constantly strives to improve its products and explore new ways to make the practice of law easier.

NLP Technologies is able to produce high quality translation in a timely and cost effective manner by using translation expertise and the latest in translation technology in the form of CAT (Computer Aided Translation). Computer Aided Translation, resulting from internal research and development, combined with a translation management system (TMS) enabled NLP Technologies, while maintaining translation quality and accuracy provide a translation service over a continuous demand cycle, processing large volumes of government documents.

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Atefeh Farzindar
Mailing Address:
52 Le Royer St W
Quebec H2Y 1W7

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