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Oxbury Group Incorporated
IT Solution Provider
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Oxbury Group is an Canadian based IT solution provider with commitment to servicing SMB's. Oxbury Group provides a variety of IT services focusing on IT Alignment within your business. 
Oxbury Group is a Canadian based IT service provider. Our technology services range from consulting, technical support, outsourcing, web and software development and fully managed IT service solutions. We have experience in many industry sectors but our focus is on small to medium sized businesses. After years of dealing with enterprise companies our team of professionals prefers to deal in the fast paced SMB segment.
We find that SMB’s are friendly and know what they want. We enjoy being part of your business team as apposed to just another numbered vendor in a long list of service providers working for the fortune 500’s. Oxbury Group collaborates with its clients to help them achieve their business goals and execute their long term strategies. We want to become part of your team working with you to succeed. We can only be successful if you are successful.

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Robert Lavigne
Mailing Address:
949 Deer Valley Dr.
Ontario L1J 8N7

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