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Q'Max Solutions Inc.
Drilling fluid sevice and product supply.
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 Q’Max Solutions Inc. is an independent, privately-owned oilfield services company that has grown from five original partners, located in Western Canada in 1993, to a multi-national company serving the oil and gas industry today.

The vision of the original founding partners was to provide drilling fluids product and technical services with a focus on value. They called it “growth partnering”, and it meant that Q’Max intended to work as a partner, focused on helping customers’ achieve success in their projects at lowest total cost. Most other business models of the day were based on a customer-vendor relationship which tended to be adversarial due to the pursuit of lowest perceived cost.
The approach has been successful. Today, Q’Max employs almost 1,400 people within 9 countries, each country represents a fully equipped and self-sufficient independent business unit. Each business unit enjoys a significant amount of autonomy, which allows for rapid responses to business and customer needs, while enjoying the advantages of accessing the technical, logistical, purchasing, financial and operational expertise of the company, as a whole.
What really makes the company successful is the application of experience, knowledge, technologies, research and product development to help our customers achieve their goals, through the people who work throughout the Q’Max organization. The culture of the company encourages and rewards innovative thinking and customer focus. This attitude helps us to attain our objectives including being viewed as the supplier of choice, and the employer of choice, for our industry. Our objective is to be the “Go To” company. Our mission is to make a difference in the drilling process.

Contact Information

Reginald Northcott
Mailing Address:
1700-407 2nd St SW
Alberta T2P 2Y3

Tel: (403) 269-2242
Fax: (403) 269-2251

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