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QPS Canada Inc
Hydrographic and Marine Software Solutions
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QPS Canada with their world class, scientific 3D visualization and analysis software, Fledermaus, provide innovative, interactive and client-driven solutions and knowledge for surveying, mapping and research. Fledermaus presents intuitive insight into massive geographic data sets of numerous data types promoting professional interaction and collaboration.

Our software package, Fledermaus, allows you to quickly and easily view and understand huge volumes of hydrographic data in a 3D virtual environment. It is tailored for use with multi-beam data and is capable of presenting 10's of millions of data points in a single scene. We allow you to view both surface models representing the sea floor and all the individual soundings, and their attributes, that were used to generate the surface. Our software greately enhances the speed with which you can ascertain the quality of your data, and allows you to understand the results in a simple intuitive 3D environment..

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Diane McKinnon
Mailing Address:
420 York St 3rd Floor
New Brunswick E3B 3P7

Tel: (506) 454-4487
Fax: (506) 453-4510

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