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SciCorp International Corp
The next generation of biological waste and wastew
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 SciCorp International Corp. was founded in 1989 to manufacture and distribute the a revolutionary Biologic line of wastewater treatment products and odor control products, developed originally by the principals. Biologic formulations of micronutrients facilitate the predominance of bacteria populations which are most desirable for biodegrading wastewater, sludge, and compost. Years of extensive testing by independent laboratories, U.S. and Canadian government agencies, and use in industrial applications have proven that SciCorp’s unique, natural nutrient formulations solve a complete range of waste treatment problems. SciCorp products do not contaminate groundwater while they eliminate odors, accelerate natural processes, and dramatically increase the quality of wastewater, sludges, and compost. The Biologic family of products from SciCorp has established new standards in waste and wastewater treatment and has successfully been proven and marketed globally.

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Derk Maat
Mailing Address:
15-220 Bayview Dr.
Ontario L4N 4Y8

Tel: (705) 733-2626
Fax: (705) 733-2618

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