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The Finest in Urban Cycling
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 JV Bike's business policies are simple, straight forward, and honest.  They reflect our mission of introducing environmentally friendly and healthy transport alternative to this part of the World.  Bicycles, from Performance Commuters to Hybrid, Comfort, and other Urban models, including Electric, Folding and adult tricycles are a great and very cost effective way of transportation suitable for fitness and for any community. Our goal is to  have a real impact, not just a political speech, or a green propaganda to target particular consumer groups.  We simply want to significantly increase the percentage of the population using two and three wheel vehicles in their everyday life - from going to a neighbourhood grocery store to an everyday commute to work.  This 'simple' goal is not simple at all.  In order to have the majority of the population on our side we know that we have to offer only THE BEST:

The Best Quality  -- we offer only the best quality products.  We would never compromise quality regardless of 'tempting' profit margins.
The Best Choice -- we have the finest choice of two and three wheel human powered, or electrified cycles in this part of Canada.
The Best Price -- we will match the lowest price at any store1 in Canada for any products2 that we offer. Please see our detailed Price Policy here.
The Best Knowledge -- you can always count on our un-biased advice, regardless of if you are buying from us or from somewhere else.  We like the products that we sell, and we want you to feel the same.  Only good products can help to spread this idea of new, fun, and healthy transportation.
The Best Warranty and Exchange Policy - Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We will always go a step further from the original manufacturers warranty and policy in order to keep our customer happy and make them enjoy the products we sell for as long as possible.

Contact Information

Janko Veselinovic
Mailing Address:
955 Expo Blvd
British Columbia V6Z 3G8

Tel: (604) 694-2453
Fax: (604) 630-7304

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