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Boschma Research, Inc.
River, Stream and Tidal Electric Power Generation
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Advanced, High Efficiency , River, Stream and Boschma Research Inc. was founded by CEO Lt. Col (Retired)f James H. Boschma, in the Spring of 2008.

BRI was formed in order to focus on renewable energy sources, inspired by the promise of the cycloidal turbine he researched for the US Navy's Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. He hand picked his staff, from their previous experiences in fabrication, and engineering skills, to produce the finest renewable energy products available today.  We are leading the way to a future of clean, inexpensive power.

The Products of the company are :


The Cyclo-Turbine is adapted for both river and tidal environments, where it harvests electrical power with the inflow and outflow of the tides. Units can be linked mechanically or electrically interfaced into power conditioners. The tidal system offers high torque and begins rotation in very slow flow velocities. One or two DC generators are integrated into the systems structure with power delivered to onshore power conditioners via marine cables.


BRI's Cyclo-Turbine technology represents a substantial advance in high efficiency, free stream power production. Cyclo-Turbines are submerged, free standing structures that operate without dams or river diversions. It provides a reliable source of electrical power with low installation costs and a tiny environmental footprint. The installed system includes a unique active debris guard that also protect fish, mamal, and curious humans, a Venturi flow accelerator, and a blade articulating turbine that optimizes hydrodynamic lift and minimizes drag to produce high torque in rotation. Generators, power conditioners, and grid tie inverters are part of the package giving the user a water-to-wire package that’s easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to extract when needed. Additionally the submerged system is invisible to the casual observer, makes no noise, emits no pollution and produces energy at a lower costs that most other system in production today. 

Contact Information

Lt. Col (Retired) James H. Boschma - CEO
Mailing Address:
138 Lawler Drive
Brownsboro, AL 35741

Tel: +1 (256) 417-6048
Fax: +1 (256) 417-6037

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