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Combustion Associates, Inc.
Manufacturer of Modular Power 
Generation Systems
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Combustion Associates, Inc., (CAI) was formed in 1989 with a single mission of providing outstanding custom-engineered solutions to its clients in the Energy, Process and Environmental industries. Today, CAI offers a wide array of packaged combustion and gas turbine-power generation systems, both skid-mounted and stationary, which are cost-effective and energy-efficient without compromising quality or effectiveness. The Company has traditionally worked in partnership with its clients to enhance their commercial competitiveness and add value to their products.
CAI's background and expertise in process and power generation systems, coupled with emerging technologies in renewable energy sources and environmental ecology, enables it to provide a one-stop turn-key solution consisting of: design, fabrication, installation and after-service all under one roof. Our main focus is to take your concept and build a system that adheres to your custom needs.

We specialize in Engineering and Manufacturing:

    Packaged and Portable Gas Turbine Power Generation Systems (1 - 10 MW)
    Packaged Reciprocating Gensets
    Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG)
    Fuel Delivery Metering/Regulating Systems
    Fuel Delivery and Conditioning Systems
    Fuel Compressor and Expander Skids
    Containerized Process Systems
    Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems
    Low NOx Burners
    Fuel Delivery/Steam Atomizing Systems
    Burner Management and Combustion Control Systems
    Hot Water Heaters and Hot Water/Steam Boilers

CAI has a demonstrated track record and expertise in designing complete power generation systems that are in compliance with all major performance and safety standards, including National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Factory and Mutual Insurance Company (FM), Industrial Risk Insurers (IRI), and general electric utilities design practices.

CAI's technical and commercial success includes complete 80 MW power plant, the retrofit of numerous boilers with low NOx burners using multiple fuel lines, and manufacturing of numerous portable water heaters. We have also packaged simple and combined cycle 1-10 MW Gas Turbine Power Generation systems using GE's LM1500 jet turbine engine as well as 1 MW power generation systems utilizing Honeywell turbine engine.

CAI consistently provides a focused effort starting from the initial preparation of the proposal to the successful completion of the project. CAI systems are designed with a strong emphasis on the end-users.

We have a work hard ethic to ensure a technically superior design, highest quality products, accurate and detailed documentation, timely completion of milestone commitments, and, most important, within budget.

Contact Information

Kusum Kavia - President
Mailing Address:
555 Monica Circle
Corona, CA 92880

Tel: +1 (951) 272-6999
Fax: +1 (951) 272-8066

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