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Ashlawn Energy, LLC
Energy Storage Solutions for Renewable Energy
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Ashlawn Energy provides energy storage solutions for renewable energy and peak power management.

Ashlawn Energy partners:

    American Electric Power
    American Municipal Power (AMP)
    First Energy

What is a VanCharg™ Vanadium Redox Fuel Cell Storage Battery?

VanCharg™ is an electrical storage system (battery) that stores enough electricity to provide back-up power to hundreds of homes and support the transmission and distribution of electricity. VanCharg™ reduces electricity costs and cuts carbon emissions by allowing customers to "beat the peak" and store less expensive and less polluting power produced at night for use during peak hours.

VanCharg™ safely holds megawatt hours of electricity for milliseconds to months and has been called the 'missing link' required to safely connect massive solar and wind farms to the electrical grid.

A rechargeable fuel cell flow battery that stores electricity in a vanadium oxide electrolyte solution.

Ashlawn's VanCharg™ exploits the ability of vanadium to exist in solution in four different oxidation states, and uses this property to make a battery that has just one electro-active element instead of two.

VanCharg™ stabilizes power output through energy storage and power leveling

    Increases output by storing a portion of the electricity produced
    Manages stored energy through software and electronic controls
    Reintroduces electricity into the grid during times of high demand or low wind/sun conditions
    Operation & maintenance costs are low:  designed to operate remotely through computer interface and state-of-the-art sensor controls
    Environmentally benign

Contact Information

Norma Byron - President
Mailing Address:
101 S Whiting Street, Suite #308
Alexandria, VA 22304

Tel: +1 (703) 461-3600
Fax: +1 (703) 461-0275

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