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New Waste Concepts, Inc.
Serving Waste & Environmental Engg. industries
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New Waste Concepts, Inc. was founded in 1987 in Toledo, Ohio as Newastecon Inc.   Born out of the Federal Subtitle D and CERCLA legislation, The founding shareholders became pioneers in the environmental industry by being the first company to engineer and patent a product to be used specifically as an alternative daily cover.

It is the mission of New Waste Concepts to work closely with our clients to develop products, equipment and operational services that solve the unique problems they face on a daily basis in a simple, reliable and cost effective manner.

    We develop and supply diversified remedial systems for suppressing dust, VOC’s, odors and gases.
    We design, build and install high volume mission critical evaporation and misting systems.
    We develop industrial strength solutions for controlling odors, bird and dust to the solid waste, composting and livestock industries.
    We provide a managed services option to outsource the management of the solutions we provide our clientele

Why choose NWC?

Our Expertise

NWC has been providing solutions for over 35 years. We have developed some of the most innovative products and techniques in that time. NWC is a Thought leader in environmental sciences.

The NWC Philosophy

Provide actionable solutions to the problems clients face on a daily basis. Attack the root of a problem develop measurable goals and focus on executing the plan.

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Contact Information

Ben Chambers - Associate Sales Manager
Mailing Address:
26624 Glenwood Rd
Perrysburg, OH 43551

Tel: +1 (419) 872-2190
Fax: +1 (419) 872-2602

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