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Reliant Water Technologies
Solutions for Water and Wastewater industry
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Our People

An owner and president whose professional character has been developed from experiences throughout the aquatic environment from offshore petroleum production, seafood production and harvesting, water, wastewater and aquaculture monitoring and control, and industrial and municipal pond/lagoon rehabilitation.

A vice president with a career in banking and finance, that had a desire to witness the other side of business, and now personally specializes in providing unique solutions to water related problems around the world.

A lead engineer that develops from the field and not from a computer, where every customer's problem is a pallete and solutions are his art. His designs are purposely not complex but straight forward and focused on solutions.

A technical support manager that brings over 10 years of ‘on the water’ mechanical experience on work boats and other water craft. With enough south Louisiana culinary expertise to occasionally step into the kitchens of many New Orleans famed restaurants - just to ‘dance his knives.’

A manufacturing team that knows that product quality and reliability are their ultimate goals, and their products are, in the end, resolutions to problems with distinctive objectives to save our customers money while providing long term reliability and minimal maintenance.

Key Words that Describe Us

Passion – Innovation – Experience – Quality – Communications - Support

Our Markets

Water and wastewater, aquaculture, industrial and municipal ponds, lagoons and waterways.

Our Territory

The world.

Contact Information

Jim Dartez - Owner
Mailing Address:
141 Robert E. Lee Blvd. #284
New Orleans, LA 70124

Tel: +1 (504) 400-1239
Fax: +1 (504) 242-8887

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