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ProChem Inc.
Sustainable Solutions for Industrial Water Reuse
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ProChem offers a comprehensive set of services to meet any facility's water needs: from replacing an old system to implementing water reuse. We have developed some of our own technology, including our metals removal method, known as Metaloc™ and our high pressure reverse osmosis equipment, know as I-PRO™.

ProChem helps facilities to improve performance, lower water and wastewater treatment costs, and ensure regulatory compliance through these valuable services:

    Water analysis
    Treatment program development
    System design
    Chemistry, spare parts, and equipment sales
    System fabrication
    O&M Services
    Technical support

Contact Information

Reno Novak - President
Mailing Address:
5100 Enterprise Drive
Elliston, VA 24087

Tel: +1 (540) 268-9884
Fax: +1 (540) 268-9874

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