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EnviroSan Products
Replace toxic chemicals & hazardous solvents.
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Manufacturer and Marketer of over 200 Sanitation and Specialty Chemical Products, many of which are Environmental and UserFriendly. Federal, Provincial, State and Local approvals, U.S.A., Europe and Canada. Industry Approvals and letters of recommendation. Product Name: EnviroSan Products, Environmental, Sanitation and Specialty Chemicals. Environmental Since 1975: House Brand and Private Brand Formulating & Packaging. We are the Inventor & Manufacturer of SOLUTION 2000®, Evironmental Colloidal Agent, Degreaser & Cleaner and over 200 other Sanitation and Specialty Products. We also manufacture environment friendly solvent blends. SOLUTION 2000® Environmental Colloidal Agent, Degreaser and Cleaner SOLUTION 2003, Colloidal Parts Washer Fluid with Rust Inhibitor. U-CAN Professional Products. Retails sizes of Metal Cleaners & Polishes, Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner, Iron, Kettle and Humididfier Cleaner & Freshener, Ice Melter and more.

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Paul Marks - President
Mailing Address:
170 Alexandra Blvd.
Toronto - Ontario
Canada, M4r 1M4

Tel: +1 (416) 483-5580
Fax: +1 (416) 483-5539

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