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Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.
Adhesive,Sealants & Precision Dispensing Equipment
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and competitive prices have recently contributed to double digit company growth despite a stagnant economy. Our problem-solving approach and competitive pricing help companies cut inefficiencies in the design, manufacturing and maintenance process that arise when using the “catch-all” adhesives from our larger competitors.  

Our customers save more money by getting a customized adhesive that cuts waste, cost and application time. In order to support the customized solutions we offer, each customer gets unmatched access to expert advice.

Sealants, Metering & Dispensing Equipment

From cars to glass sculptures to ammunition, every product is subjected to vibrations. Developers look to Hernon Manufacturing for the high-performance adhesives and sealants that reduce stress on their products as well as the cost of manufacturing.

Our total, customized solutions provide the exact formula needed for each specific application. Then we offer the precise metering and dispensing equipment to apply the adhesive.

Bond with Earth-Friendly Adhesives

Leading the world in environmentally friendly formulas, Hernon Manufacturing produces only eco-friendly adhesives. That commitment to responsible manufacturing includes replacing solvent adhesive that are explosive and hazardous to the environment.

See how Hernon Manufacturing can help you eliminate hazardous materials from your design, manufacturing and maintenance process. Schedule a demo today to see our process in action!

Contact Information

Harry Arnon - CEO
Mailing Address:
121 Tech Drive
Sanford, FL 32771

Tel: +1 (407) 322-4000

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