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Global Repair Ltd.
Solutions for Sustainable Resources
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Global Repair Ltd, International Marketing Office for Sittler Manufacturing, provides compost equipment for nutrient recovery and soil regeneration, Natural Soil Amendments, Education and Consulting. Our products, used in over 21 countries, reduce greenhouse gases and provide sustainable solutions for Agriculture, Municipalities and Industry. As your “One Stop Compost Shop” we offer Compost Windrow Turners, Compost/Lime Spreaders, Trommel Screeners, Conveyors and Baggers. With our Advanced Biological Composting method we help growers "Utilize Resources and Maximize Profits". Technical backup includes a database for compost calculations, easy to follow instructional booklets and DVDs to insure our clients make the highest quality product. Discover more about how our method of composting can improve efficiency and profit with your operation. Please enjoy your stay.

Contact Information

Valerie C. Moen – Director of Marketing
Mailing Address:
22 Bellefair Ave
Toronto – On
Canada, M4L 3T7

Tel: +1-416-686-3690
Fax: +1-416-686-1744

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