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Supervac 2000
Vacuum Pump Trucks
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SUPERVAC 2000 is proud to hereby present its products and services. As experts in the fabrication of vacuum equipments, our team of professionals is first-rate in all fields pertaining to the environment; most of our equipment has been developed to meet the needs of our public utility or private enterprise customers

With all this experience in the environment, SUPERVAC 2000 can offer a range of high performance products, such as conventional vacuum equipment (dry or liquid matters), tanks for transportation of liquids (drinking water, dangerous products, waste water), sewer cleaner, vacuum sludge tank. Equipment for the spreading of abrasives and asphalt as well as waste containers are likewise available. Equipment for municipality Stepvan (mechanical unit), Emergency Truck (firefighter department), Armour (plated) Truck, Kenworth: Extension Cab (sleeper type) and Crew Cab (4 doors with HIGH ROOF conform to NFPA), are available

SUPERVAC 2000 is also specialized in the fabrication of pressure tanks used for the transportation of dangerous products

Contact Information

Genevieve Filteau – Director of Sales
Mailing Address:
1043 Renault St
Canada, G6Z 1B6

Tel: +1 (418) 839-5702
Fax: +1 (418) 839-1816

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