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Centennial Solar
"Capture the Sun"
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CentennialSolar is a Canadian-based company involved in the photovoltaic industry. As an eco-friendly company, our goal is to promote the use of renewable energy sources; more precisely we are committed to solar-power systems.

Benefiting from already available components from across the globe, our company is positioned as an integrator for the design of low-cost energy solutions. Using best-of-breed components from across the world (Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, etc), we manufacture solar panels that are amongst the most efficient on the marketplace today.

Our manufacturing plant can produce solar panels in the range of as little as 5 watts, up to 250 watts. Some of our panels have the IEC 61215 certification therefore we use materials that insure lightweight and robustness in extreme conditions. We offer both Polycrystalline and Thin Film modules, based on what our clients require. In order to better serve the marketplace, we also offer custom panels for projects requiring specific orders.

Contact Information

Gordon Terlier - V.P. Global Sales & Marketing
Mailing Address:
8114B Trans-Canada Hwy
Canada, H4S 1M5

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