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Montfort International Ltd.
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 Montfort International is a distributor and manufacturer of well-known industrial equipment and products. 

Our goal is to help our customers increase the efficiency of their operations and the quality of their products while reducing production costs. We also help to protect the members of their teams, again reducing their operating costs. 
MONTFORT INTERNATIONAL, is an industry leading distributor, representing metal, wood and glass working manufactures for over 20 years. 
Montfort International was founded in 1989. Since the company’s inception, customer satisfaction has been an integral part of our corporate culture. Whether our efforts are directed at product high performance, customer service, just-in-time delivery or research and development, our focus is always on the customer and what the customer wants and needs. 
We take great pride in the many remarkable achievements that have marked our group’s history over the years and, even more so, in the testimonials we get from our customers, who consistently mention the exceptional service they received throughout their project. 
We are covering four industrial fields. 
SAWING EQUIPMENT AND CUTTING TOOLS: For over 20 years Montfort International has been the leader in sawing technology, setting the standard with exclusive saw blades and equipment technologies and innovations than any other distributor. 
METALWORKING LUBRICATION AND FLUID MANAGEMENT: A large range of lubricants and equipments and management systems, primarily for the metalworking and foundry industries. We are proud to lead the market in the new generation soluble oils from the green technologies. 
SAFETY GUARDING: We offer a very wide range of high quality machine guards, including standard machine guards and modular systems. Our comprehensive range of service ensures we can fulfill every aspect of a machine guarding project, from survey, advice on technical and regulation issues, design, manufacture and installation – for which we always use our own skilled and experienced. 
MASS FINISHING: From parts finishing equipment such as deburring machines, flat finishers and vibratory finishing machines to vibratory compounds and media; We have the finishing solution for you. 

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Raymond Thériault
Mailing Address:
360-850 Pierre-Bertrand Blvd
Quebec G1M 3K8

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