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Ralston Metal Products Ltd.
Manufacturer of electrical enclosures
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 Ralston Metal Products is committed to making quality enclosures that achieve total customer satisfaction and exceptional deliveries. Quality and dependability at Ralston is the direct result of the dedication and skillful execution of our team.

Company history
Historically committed to customization, the company’s roots can be traced to one customer’s request to build an enclosure. Originally called Northcott Scientific Instruments, the company serviced the University of Guelph, creating metal tools for a variety of disciplines. By 1960, enclosures became the mainstay product and under Inglis W. Berry’s ownership, with 3 employees and 4000 square feet, Ralston Custom Steel was born.
Today the team is over 100 employees strong working a total 157,000 square feet. Ralston Metal Products has a full range of stock, European and customized enclosures that are distributed Factory Direct around the world. Just as we said over fifty years ago Ralston means Service, Quality, Dependability and products that stand the test of time.
Service excellence
Ralston's success is built on providing customer solutions. Excellence is achieved at Ralston through our investment in the latest technologies which is specialized for our exacting needs and crucial to our dedication to product advancement.

Contact Information

Steven I. Berry
Mailing Address:
50 Watson Rd. S.
Ontario N1L 1E2

Tel: (519) 836-2968
Fax: (519) 836-9763

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