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RHB Group LP
School Uniforms
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School uniforms provide real, concrete benefits to students, parents, schools and communities. By working to convert schools to uniforms we are making an important and meaningful contribution to our schools and our country. Doing business in a socially responsible and “green” way is a critical part of our business; we have been making efforts in this regard for years and plan to dramatically accelerate our efforts and investments in these areas.

Our company vision is a global one – we are proud of the fact that we search around the world for the best products and the most efficient, highest quality places to manufacture them. We believe that we have made a small but meaningful contribution to the economies and working conditions of factories in many places around the globe over the last 15 years. We believe in the positive benefits of global trade for everyone.

We believe in the power and importance of feedback and continuous improvement – McCarthy’s may be a large company but we think of ourselves as an “underdog”. We subscribe to the highest ethical standards in dealings with all of our partners. As a company, we hold very high performance aspirations; “good enough is never good enough”.

We are a great firm where top people want to work; we encourage our employees to learn, grow and fulfill their personal potential in a supportive work environment. We expect and demand open honest dialogue of our partners and ourselves; openly addressing successes and mistakes and seeing them as our best opportunity to learn.

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David Hadden
Mailing Address:
360 Evans Ave
Ontario M8Z 1K5

Tel: (416) 578-6900
Fax: (416) 593-6229

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