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Aerospace Metal Finishing Inc.
Surface Finishing for Aircraft, Satellite and Mili
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Our expertise is based on our ability to precisely apply plated surface finishes to engineered standards. We are approved to apply cadmium plating, passivation of stainless steel, chemical film on aluminum, electroless nickel, titanium-cadmium plating as well as three anodizing (chromic anodizing, sulfuric anodizing and hard anodizing).

Our present customer base includes the high precision machining industry, plastic injection moulding industry, aircraft, manufacturing and assembly industries, and space satellite design. In addition, we supply surface finishing for military product companies as well as a variety of small high precision tool shops requiring our surface treatment expertise.

Aerospace Metal Finishing opened its doors on July 1st of 1988. Over the last 24 years, our company has grown to a facility of 50+ personnel and 24,000 square feet. We provide a full range of non-destructive testing services, anodizing, plating, painting and other processing for over 200 Canadian and International Customers. We have a comprehensive Quality Assurance Department and an Analytical Chemical Laboratory.

Our mission is to follow a path of excellence, focused on becoming the employer and supplier of choice for our staff and customers respectively.

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Jing Liu
Mailing Address:
71 Proctor Rd
On L0G 1T0

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