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Molyslip (Canada) Inc
Products for a world in motion.
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For over 40 years Molyslip has been producing superior lubricating products for the Automotive, Industrial & Marine and Home & Recreational markets

In the High Performance and Extreme Stress automotive and industrial environments, Molyslip is recognized for quality products that deliver high performance and durability and help to keep your equipment running longer, smoother, and at lower operating cost

We’ve been ‘Road Tested’ for 40 years. We’re proud of it and we’re also proud of the company we keep, our customers.

We look forward to serving you.

Contact Information

Caleb Joyce
Mailing Address:
20-1145 Bellamy Rd N
Ontario M1H 1H5

Tel: (416) 438-5523
Fax: (416) 438-5513

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