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Technology Transfer Center in Industrial Oleochemi
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Oleochemistry deals with the physico-chemical transformation of fats and oils from animals and vegetables. First used in the fabrication of soaps, oleochemistry is now part of our daily lives where it is found in a wide variety of sectors: food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and industrial.

The raw materials of the oleochemical sector are:

Vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil as well as those derived from soybean, sunflower, safflower, corn, peanut, palm, coco, castor, etc.

Fats and oils from animals like rendered fats, tallow, lard, fish oil, etc.

Recycled fats and oils like grease from restaurants, used frying oils, trap greases, etc.

To offer quality services to businesses in applied research and technical assistance, to elaborate and complete technological innovation projects, to spread information and integrate continual training in the industrial oleochemistry sector in order to actively and distinctly contribute to the implementation and the maintaining of a regional hub of excellence in this sector.

Of Excellence: By constantly looking to improve its services and by being at the forefront of its area of expertise while continuing on the path of improvement and innovation in its personnel and its own operations

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Genevieve Bolduc
Mailing Address:
835, rue Mooney O
Thetford Mines
Quebec G6G 0A5

Tel: (418) 338-1318
Fax: (418) 338-1338

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