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Quantex Technologies Inc.
Custom tailored solutions for today’s unique envir
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Quantex Technologies Inc. is a privately owned environmental waste management company that has been operating in Canada, the Northeastern United States and overseas for over forty years. The company currently owns two operating facilities in Kitchener and Toronto, Ontario. In addition, Quantex is involved in several ongoing special projects both in Canada and overseas. Quantex boasts an exceptional track record in terms of customer service, compliance with governmental regulations and innovation in the waste management industry as a whole.

Quantex Technologies Inc. commenced operations in 1964 as Maritime Oil Services Ltd. The company’s prime business was the collection and processing of used oil and on- site services to the petroleum refining industry. The company has successfully continued to adapt its services and operational procedures to meet with and exceed changing environmental policies.

The 1990’s marked a continuation of that adaptability with the design and construction of the first modern waste treatment facility in Nova Scotia. The facility, located in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, specialized in the processing of wastewaters, oils and petroleum sludge. The investment proved to be very successful, and three additional facilities were acquired over the next nine years.

Quantex Technologies Inc. continues to provide innovative services that keep up with the continual evolution of the waste management and remediation services industry. Our two waste treatment and recycling facilities located in central Ontario allow us to provide prompt, efficient services and quality products to Ontario, Quebec and the Eastern Provinces as well the North Eastern United States.

In addition, we continue to provide industrial and on-site services such as vacuum truck service, hydro blasting, tank cleaning, lagoon sludge processing, site decommissioning and soil remediation, making Quantex Technologies a major player in both Canadian and International Environmental Waste Management markets.

Quantex Technologies Inc.'s mission is to provide quality environmental services and solutions to waste management with innovative options at a fair price.

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Marc DallaNora
Mailing Address:
260 Shoemaker St.
Ontario N2E 3E1

Tel: (519) 748-5348
Fax: (519) 748-5904

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