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Almita Manufacturing Ltd.
Canada's leader in screw piles.
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Manufacture screw-in pilings and screw-in anchors. Steel pipe shaft complete with one or more steel helical plates welded on to the bottom end. Product can be used as a permanent or removable and reusable foundation. We can supply the design and engineering for your requirements. Shaft sizes range from 2-7/8" up to 16" and helix diameters vary from 6" to 42". Almita has installation units capable of generating up to 90,000 Ft. Lbs. of Torque. Our Screw-In Pilings have been used as a foundation for pumpjacks, compressors, dehydrators, flare stacks, pipe racking, skid buildings, tanks, silos, pre-engineered metal buildings, arch-ribbed buildings, permanent foundations, communication towers and various other applications.

Contact Information

Yung Phana – Dir. Of Sales & Mktg.
Mailing Address:
4201, 66 Street
PONOKA - Alberta
Canada, T4J 1J8

Tel: +1(403)783-5800
Fax: +1(403)783-2895

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