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SFT (Snap Film Technologies)
Patented solution to the industry-wide problem of
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SFT is an Intellectual-Property company, presently holding (for out-licensing) technology patents for improved single-use plastic bags. SFT may License manufacturers, distributors, or corporate users to use the technology (as on or [=] Our IP enables the manufacture of bags that open "first time, every time". That reduces cost by reducing the waste (of time, of bags) that results from bags (as often happens with ordinary bags) that are difficult to open. Our primary focus is Canada and USA, but we hold IP elsewhere also.  Bags often "fight back". Hard to open. Stuck shut. Frustrating, time-wasting. The problem is so well-known that it is almost a joke (see Leslie Nielsen exploiting that joke in the first few minutes of the comedy 'Naked Gun 33 1/3', battling with a supermarket produce bag).

The presence of the industry-wide problem creates latent demand for a better product. Interestingly, the demand is latent because most users currently accept hard-to-open bags as common enough to be considered normal unless they are very hard to open. At present customers are not demanding better bags, for one simple reason: they don't yet know that they exist. But now they do exist, and they are becoming known, and the latent demand is becoming expressed demand.

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Kim Bell
Mailing Address:
25 Monkstown Rd
Newfoundland and Labrador A1C 3T2

Tel: (709) 726-3951

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