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Burton Food Safety Solutions
Food safety management system
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Burton Software specializes in building software applications to automate business processes. Burton Software was founded in 1999 by Steven Burton, and is based in Richmond, BC. The company has grown steadily over the years and earned a reputation for product quality and service excellence across a broad range of industries. Burton Software has developed applications for large and small organizations in the energy, finance, education, business intelligence, and marketing sectors.

Icicle is the award-winning food safety management system that makes it easy to create and manage internationally compliant HACCP food safety programs, reducing costs by up to 50%.

Icicle ensures your food safety program meets current legislation requirements and is being implemented consistently across multiple facilities while keeping your documentation safe, centralized, and up to date. You will always be ready for audits, even unannounced ones. Audit outcomes will be much improved too, reducing the risk of recalls and penalty charges. Having a high quality, internationally recognized food safety program in place will give you a competitive edge and facilitate expansion into new markets

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Steven Burton
Mailing Address:
6255 Jade Crt
British Columbia V7C 5A7

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