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Miramont Estate Vineyard and Winery
Offering Quality, Drinkable Red Wine
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Nestled in the Sierra foothills, our vineyard and winery are located in the Lodi Appellation of California. Our estate-grown Cabernet Sauvignon grapes thrive in the Mediterranean climate where they are bathed in golden sunlight, caressed nightly by cool Pacific breezes, and then harvested under starlight to protect their luscious flavor at its peak. Our other varietals are sourced from local growers experiencing similar optimal growing conditions, with the same devotion to caring for the land and producing a premium wine grape yield and quality wine products.

Inspired by the dreams of five generations, Miramont Estate Vineyards celebrates a tradition of agricultural excellence begun by the Pechan family more than a century ago.  In the 1840’s, Mathias Pechan immigrated to the United States and began farming in the heartland. Since then, each generation has continued this proud tradition. Our desire to open a small vineyard and winery is rooted in our family history and fond memories of working the land.

In 1997, the Pechan family set out to fulfill that lifelong dream and purchased 40 acres of grassland in Linden, California. That land, ripe with possibilities and promise, would one day become Miramont Estate Vineyards. There began the long journey that includes years of preparation and development and many more years of ever-changing business development plans.

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Contact Information

Sara Baronian - Sales manager
Mailing Address:
24837 E. Milton Road
Linden, CA 95236

Tel: +1 (209) 887-3178
Fax: +1 (209) 887-3178

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