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Tecnocap LLC
Your Global Partner for Metal Closing Systems
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The Tecnocap Group provides a CLOSING SYSTEM by manufacturing and servicing Metal Closures and Capping Machines.

The Tecnocap Group is the THIRD WORLDWIDE PLAYER in the production of Metal Closures for glass jars, bottles and plastic containers which are utilized in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and beauty industries. Closures are produced using tin plate or aluminum metal, which has been coated, decorated or both depending on the appearance specified and the function of the closure. The decorated sheets are waxed, punched, stamped, and rolled after which product-specific liners are installed.

In house lithography provides control throughout the manufacturing process, reduces costs and decreases delivery time.

The Tecnocap Group also produces Packaging Machinery which includes Capping Machines, Hoppers/Elevators and Vacuum Detectors designed to meet customer's expectations in terms of efficiency and reliability, and to provide them a complete sealing process of their products.

Tecnocap Group is an integrated manufacturing organization with facilities throughout Europe and North America.

The Tecnocap Group counts 6 production plants in 5 different countries, 35 commercial offices worldwide, and over 650 employees.

Contact Information

Bob Macosko - Director of sales & Customer Service
Mailing Address:
1701 Wheeling Avenue
Glen Dale, WV 26038

Tel: +1 (304) 845-3402
Fax: +1 (304) 843-5475

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