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Preferred Popcorn, LLC
Premium Popcorn for Consumers, Stores and Theatres
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Preferred Popcorn LLC, is headquartered near Chapman in the fertile Platte River valley of south central Nebraska. This 100% farmer-owned company grows and processes premium popcorn. 

Only the absolute best popcorn can be called Preferred!    After harvest, we clean and process the popcorn and ship all over the United States and around the world to over 55 countries on five continents.

Preferred Popcorn represents many farmers striving to accomplish one goal: to provide a premium popcorn. Preferred Popcorn owners have over 30 years experience in growing the best popcorn to be found anywhere. Using green farming techniques, we grow popcorn with as little disruption to the environment as possible.  With proven dedication from the field to the popcorn popper, we will meet your needs and specifications.  The end result of our meticulous growing standards and quality control is a delicious and nutritious whole-grain snack that is both pleasing to the taste buds and healthy to eat.

Now with two plants to serve you from, we have added a second facilty in Palmyra, Indiana.  We are growing to serve you better!

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Contact Information

Norm Krug - Chairman
Mailing Address:
1132 9th Rd.
Chapman, NE 68827

Tel: +1 (308) 986-2526
Fax: +1 (308) 986-2626

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