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Arkay Distributing Inc.
Producing alcohol free liquors
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Born in the U.S.A, ArKay® beverages came onto the scene with a fresh take on liquors, which has now taken the world by storm. Since 2011, we’ve made it our mission to bring our customers great-tasting products feeling and tasting exactly like liquor, using top-quality ingredients, presented in uniquely new designed packaging. All of which has been skillfully produced and made affordable to everyone. With zero calories, zero carbs, and zero percent alcohol, ArKay makes a delicious, figure-friendly drink on its own, or when mixed with other low-cal, no-cal beverages!

ArKay is the world’s first company producing alcohol free liquors with a commitment to make a better life for everyone

Why? Because we believe in hard working people like you. It’s you, our customer, who inspires us to continue to innovate and raise the bar, daily. We take pride in reaching millions of fans, followers and happy customers throughout the globe. Your support and spirited-voices have helped make us America’s No.1 alcohol free liquors and beers. Not too bad for a family-owned and operated business still based out of Florida, right?

So, visit us online or contact us.

Contact Information

Sylvie Grattagliano - Owner
Mailing Address:
129 W. Hibiscus Blvd., Suite Q
Melbourne, FL 32901

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