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Upper Crust Enterprises, Inc.
Manufacturer of Japanese Panko bread crumbs
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For the past 30 years, Upper Crust Enterprises has followed traditional Japanese methods in producing an Authentic Japanese Panko bread crumb and Tempura Batter mix. They are focused on selling to foodservice restaurants with the majority of their products being sold to Japanese restaurants worldwide.

However, due to the high quality product performance more non-Asian restaurants are requesting their products. When you compare their panko to the competitor, you notice a big difference in the shape, density, airiness and crispiness of the Panko.

These quality differences make a huge difference in the menu items created by restaurants with better plate presentation, and a light crispy texture. All products are produced in Los Angeles CA at their world headquarters and plant.

Besides producing Panko and Tempura batter mix they create custom blend formulas for restaurant chains and special industrial manufactures.

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Contact Information

Doug Nakamura - Director of Operations
Mailing Address:
411 Center Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Tel: +1 (213) 625-0038
Fax: +1 (213) 617-3080

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