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Flicks Candy Company
Premium Chocolate & Chocolate-flavored Candies
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“Flicks Candy” is a chocolate-flavored treat that has been around for over 100 years. It was originally developed by the Ghirardelli family in the late 1890’s, but wasn’t called “Flicks” until 1904. It was produced in San Francisco, California and then later in San Leandro, California up until 1989. By that time, the machinery that produced Flicks had been continually operating for nearly 100 years, it had been damaged in its move to San Leandro, and replacement parts were no longer available, as the equipment’s manufacturer had been out of business since World War II. For these reasons, production of Flicks ceased in 1989.

In 1963, William Tjerrild, son of Danish and Swiss immigrants, went to work for Nestle’s Chocolate as a mechanical engineer and learned the art of manufacturing confections and chocolate. After Nestle’s, William worked for various confectioners until developing his own manufacturing company that specialized in fabricating chocolate and nut processing machinery.

In 1988, William’s son, James Tjerrild came to work at the family business. Growing up in California, James loved eating Flicks at the theater, and sorely missed the product after production ceased in 1989. So, in 2004 the Tjerrild family acquired the Flicks® trademark and recipe, and produced its first cases of Flicks Candy.

In 2005, the Tjerrilds acquired the original decommissioned production equipment that had produced Flicks for nearly 100 years. The machinery was originally built in Racine, Wisconsin in the late 1890s or early 1900s. The equipment was painstakingly dismantled, relocated, and reconstructed in Fresno County (California) by the Tjerrild family’s machinery company.

Now Flicks®, Flicks Cacao®, and Non-Pareils are made on the same historical machinery, in Fresno, California.

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Debby Maldonado - Office Manager
Mailing Address:
4185 E. Jefferson
Fresno, CA 93725

Tel: +1 (559) 834-5365
Fax: +1 (559) 834-1760

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