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A and S International Commodities, LLC
Your Global Business Partner!
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We are a group of people with various cultural backgrounds, specialties and life experiences who came together to share the same common passion and enthusiasm for the objectives we all embraced despite our differences. The combination of all these diversities enables us to be entirely versatile and far reaching in our projects that we take on since our inception. So when we huddle up together for each project development, the environment is much like grownups’ fanfare but yet so strictly committed to improve and move beyond. Our energetic and aspiration team is working around the clock to assure that we keep up with our goals consistently and building more relationships than transactions.

Our team members and associates come from different business backgrounds with extensive and long-standing experience in insurance, retail, international commerce, commodities trade, wholesale, freight and logistics, hospitality and Marketing.

In this direction, our company is not just the only local business with eye catch of local developments but also aimed to have internationally broad view of innovations, demonstrate the ability to survey dynamic environment, and develop new product/services to fit the ever-changing life styles. Each of us travels around the world to capture every essence of lives and streamline the global exchange and bring newer ideas into our business model. We consider ourselves as large family who is devoted to accomplish every complicated assignment. At A & S Int’l Commodities, We are committed to our employees as individuals who are behind our numerous achievements, to our environment, to our communities we serve and to our family’s steady growth. We strongly believe in the power of the humanly interactions we have with our clients, vendors and the quality of communication is as indispensable as the quality of our products/services we provide. Every individual who works with us, does business with us, is our irreplaceable assets to our foundation.

         1.Our dedication to listen patiently to our clients,
         2.Understanding our customers’ specific requirements carefully,
         3.Consulting before initiating the project,
         4.Customized solutions per project independently and its nature,
         5.In every correspondence, Email and other means of communications, there is always a pure human touch,
         6.Adopted and integrated travel industry customer services principals into our core business model,
         7.Being compassionate how we can improve ourselves and bring intuitive products and services.

Our valuable clients are constantly entertained of our collaborative approach in every step of the way throughout our business relationship span. We have clear sense of our business purpose and believe our customers’ voice and base are our driving force for success and we value opinions, feedbacks impartially to create better products, which brings positive effects in every single family.

Contact Information

Anna Ghalchooghi - President
Mailing Address:
531-A North Hollywood Way # 250
Burbank, CA 91505

Tel: +1 (818) 762-1600

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