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Amalgamated Dairies Limited
Quality products, trusted in kitchens everywhere
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Amalgamated Dairies Limited is a farmer owned cooperative style association formed in 1953. It is located in the province of Prince Edward Island situated in Eastern Canada. The purpose of the Association originally was to manufacture and process dairy products including milk, cream, butter, cheese, whey, buttermilk, and all other dairy products pertinent to the industry.

Today Amalgamated Dairies Limited has broadened its purpose to include a food distribution warehouse, two fluid milk outlets, an evaporated milk plant, an abattoir, and a tire, automotive & truck centre. It also continues to uphold its tradition of producing excellent dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, butter and evaporated milk. It continues as a dairy cooperative owned by over 400 producers and its direction is still maintained by the elected board of 15 directors. Although the future of this industry will continue to set many challenges, Amalgamated Dairies Limited will continue to strengthen its position as a key player in the dairy industry.

Our head office coordinates six processing and distribution facilities. This is also the site of our main processing facility, which manufactures many dairy products including cheese and ice cream.

Contact Information

Chad Mann – Director of Sales
Mailing Address:
79 Water St.
SUMMERSIDE - Prince Edward Island
Canada, C1N 1A6

Tel: +1(902)888-5088
Fax: +1(902)436-7609

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