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Aliments Krispy Kernels Inc.
Your 100% Canadian one-stop-nut-shop!
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Welcome to Krispy Kernels

Your 100% Canadian one-stop-nut-shop!

Tasty seasonings and perfectly roasted nuts and peanuts: it’s all about you and your taste buds. After 65 years, our promise to use only premium quality ingredients is still our mission. Take a yummy moment for yourself and find out more about us, our products, our partners and how to be a healthier snacker. 

Happy snacking!

Contact Information

Renee-Maude Jalbert
Mailing Address:
2620 rue Watt
Qc G1P 3T5

Tel: +1 (418) 658-4640
Fax: +1 (418) 657-5971

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