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Ram Manufacturing Ltd.
Manufacturing and installing elevators & wheelchai
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 Our company was founded 25 years ago with the goal of providing innovative products to help people with their mobility needs. We are continually working to improve upon our lifts and elevators, and to provide the very best in customer service to our clients. 

A leading North American elevator and lift manufacturer, RAM creates lifting systems that enable people with disabilities to stay in their homes longer and to enjoy easy access to public spaces.
Since the company’s early beginnings in 1987, RAM has grown from three employees and a small workshop to a 30,000 sq ft factory with an extensive, multi-channel distribution network. The company is proud to have many people on staff that have been with RAM for more than a decade.
In the last 25 years, RAM engineers have designed, manufactured and installed lifts all across North America. We have applications in virtually every environment and region you can think of that are still operating today.
With an excellent record of safety, reliability and superior customer service, RAM is capable of developing, selling and servicing the best products in the industry. Year over year, we strive to improve the lift and elevator manufacturing industry by reducing costs, enhancing reliability and providing unparalleled customer experiences.
For many years, RAM Manufacturing has been a proud participant on committees and councils related to mechanical engineering, elevator codes and manufacturing associations that keep the end user safe and ensure that the highest levels of professionalism are used in our industry.

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Mailing Address:
10203, 184 St NW
Alberta T5S 2J4

Tel: (780) 484-4776
Fax: (780) 486-2920

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