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Syscor Controls & Automation Inc.
Manufactures intelligent sensor solutions
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Syscor Controls & Automation Inc. manufactures intelligent sensor solutions for accident prevention at petrochemical facilities.

The risk of AST floating roof failures is increasing as the population of tanks throughout the world ages. The FR-Tracker™ system was developed in cooperation with the petroleum industry as an effective and economical tool for accident prevention through continuous monitoring of key AST parameters.

The FR-Tracker™ monitoring system consists of three main components: Multi-Sensors, Repeaters, and Base Stations. To minimize installation and maintenance costs, the Multi-Sensors and Repeaters are battery-operated wireless devices with battery life expectancy exceeding 10 years.

AST floating roofs exhibit specific behaviour patterns prior to failure.  The FR-Tracker™ system can detect these patterns and alert the tank operators.

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David Sime
Mailing Address:
201-60 Bastion Sq.
British Columbia V8W 1J2

Tel: (250) 361-1681
Fax: (250) 361-1682

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