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Board Book Albums, LLC
Take Your Pix® Board Book Photo Albums
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Back in 2007, when our daughter Lucia (then age 1) was working with a speech therapist, I was asked to put together a photo album filled with photos to encourage Lucia’s speech development.  I filled a small album with pictures of familiar faces, favorite toys and other things she would recognize. Of course she loved the album, but quickly tore it up.  When I was unable to find a kid-friendly album, Lucia’s needs inspired the idea for the new Take Your Pix® board book photo album.  I knew that I had a great idea for a business and Board Book Albums, LLC was founded in April 2008.

Although our albums were inspired by Lucia’s needs, we have found them to be great for children of all ages.  Little children are elated to have their own photo albums that they can handle themselves.  Older children love to fill our books with photos and decorate their albums with stickers, stamps and markers.  Moms and other adults love the albums for scrapbooking and to get or give as gifts for any occasion. We hope to share our story and products with other children and families.  Every child loves photos.  Now parents can give their kids an album of their very own without worrying about the photos being damaged by small fingers.

Our story shows how our daughter’s challenges inspired a product idea that can help others.  We donate to special needs and other children’s organizations.  We truly hope to enhance the lives of others by sharing our story.  When your child isn’t meeting certain developmental milestones, it can be very scary wondering about their future, fearing the unknown and wondering if your child will ever walk or talk.  I want parents and other loved ones to know that there is always hope, no matter the situation.  Get as much information as possible and get a second opinion.  By providing children all the resources available to help them learn and grown, you allow them to reach their potential.  Life is a gift and we hope that you will give it all you’ve got!

We appreciate your business!

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Laura Miranti - Owner
Mailing Address:
10 Fairway Drive
Edwardsville, IL 62025

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