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BlackRapid, Inc.
Manufacturer of Camera Accessories
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BlackRapid was founded by Seattle photographer Ron Henry in 2008.

After years of shooting the Seattle music scene, weddings, and other dynamic environments, Henry created a strap where the camera hangs upside down securely at the photographer’s side, ready to maneuver into position at a moment’s notice. When ready to take a photo, the patented ConnectR allows the camera to quickly glide up the strap and into shooting position.

Today, BlackRapid is a multi-million dollar company, and the premier camera accessory brand offering products designed to improve the speed, comfort and efficiency of consumer and professional photographers.

Contact Information

Ron Henry - Founder/CEO
Mailing Address:
517 Aloha St.
Seattle, WA 98109

Tel: +1 (206) 402-4905
Fax: +1 (206) 299-9734

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