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Bedient Pipe Organ Company
Magnificent Pipe Organs for 40 years
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Gene Bedient started the Bedient Pipe Organ company over 40 years ago. He based the company on a combined love of all things technical and musical. Over the course of this journey, Bedient made many pipe organs throughout the US that are a legacy of craftsmanship, artwork, technical engineering, and audible beauty.

In 1969, Bedient started rebuilding and repairing organs in a garage in Lincoln, Nebraska. His vision grew over the next 40 years. Together with a small, dedicated crew, Bedient Pipe Organ Company built scores of organs, each unique, each an artistic and technical work of art.

Many churches, recital halls, studios, and homes reflect the legacy of these beautiful instruments. Pipe organs are complex instruments. It can take a year or longer to design, build, and install a pipe organ. The artisans of Bedient Pipe Organ Company have made it their mission to create this intricate beauty for over the 40 years.

Gene retired in 2010. The Bedient Pipe Organ Company is now The Bedient Pipe Organ Company of Lincoln, Nebraska, L.L.C., with manager members Paul Lytle, Mark Miller, Ryan Luckey, Jasmine Beach, and Robert Lundholm. All of our crew is dedicated to carrying on the legacy of our founding builder. Our passionate builders continue to craft intricate works of art, art that endures and inspires.

Contact Information

Paul Lytle - Managing Member
Mailing Address:
1060 Saltillo Road
Roca, NE 68430

Tel: +1 (402) 420-7662
Fax: +1 (402) 420-7663

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